LED rope lighting underneath the shelving provides all the light needed to work. In this design by Redstart Construction, Inc., a closet is repurposed as a cozy and inviting workspace, with a built-in desk, open shelving, and a comfortable chair. Tired of always seeing junk mail & bills lying around? In this design by U31 Inc., a closet is transformed into a stylish and functional workspace, complete with a built-in desk, open shelving, and plenty of natural light.

Cut a foam mattress pad to fit the size of the closet floor. Toss in some pillows, line shelves with books, and create soft lighting. Cut feet for the bottom of the legs and cut shelves.

Build the Wall Shelf Cabinets

Groceries can move into kitchen cabinets, your guests’ coats will be strung on a jacket rack, and linens may be stacked in baskets on bathroom shelves. After selecting https://remotemode.net/ your small workroom area, it is time to shift your thoughts toward your design. What colors, fabrics, and accessories go best with your current home decor?

  • With the clamps in place, drive in the pocket hole screws.
  • If you insist on some sort of privacy screen or separation, opt for a divider or some sort of curtain instead.
  • To attach the desk, add wood glue to the top of your frame.
  • Starting with the large U-shaped shelf, install the shelves into their correct positions!
  • In that case, we suggest you take proper measurements of the area (height, depth, width) and ask your local wood workshop to cut you some pieces.
  • For example, the ZZ plant, or zamioculcas zamiifolia, adapts to low light levels.

Doors in enclosed or small spaces could make you feel a little claustrophobic and could remind you of what it feels like to be in a closet. Opening the space up by removing the obstructions of a door. Build a simple bench, add a cushion, and arrange your child’s closet to office conversion favorite books to create the perfect reading nook. The front of the draws were cut from the front trim of the desk so that they are flush when closed. The back edge of the desk has a well that opens up to hide computer cables, telephone wires, etc.

Consider a sliding barn door

With this in mind, it would make sense to consolidate your actual clothes in a dedicated closet space and transform your walk-in closet into an office instead. And lastly, don’t forget to include yourself in the equation. Pull out a chair and pretend to work in that space and see how you figure in with the rest of the space. This tests theory against practice and makes everything fit in like puzzles in your head.

It looks incredibly comfy, and it also provides a fun pop of color against the cloffice’s neutral color palette. You can get all the deets on her setup (including how she made that pretty herringbone wall design!) over on her blog. “Most reach-in closets are about 2 feet deep, so a shallow desk can slide right in,” says professional organizer Kay Patterson. “Some fun wallpaper or cute desk decor will make the space more inviting.”