Lime Sower


Models FT-1407-1S FT-1607-1S FT-1807-1S FT-2007-1S FT-2407-1S
Sprinking Width 1400mm 1600mm 1800mm 2000mm 2400mm
Capacity of Hopper 208 L 236 L 264 L 292 L 349 L
HP of Tractor Required 13~20HP 20~28HP 25~35HP 35HP~ 35HP~
3 Point Hitch Linkage Cat. 1
Driving System PTO Driving
Sprinking Amount 20~400kg/10a
Adjustment of Sprinkling Amount Side Slide of Shutter
Weight 135kg 140kg 145kg 150kg 160kg
Overall Length 590mm
Overall Width 1499mm 1687mm 1875mm 2063mm 2489mm
Overall Height 820mm
Efficiency 9~14min./10a 8~12min./10a 7~11min./10a 6~9min./10a 5~8min./10a