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Plastering Machine


The PFT G4X Plastering machine.g4 360 view

Simple technology, superior build quality and friendly,personal back up and support are what makes the pft g4x plastering machine the best spraying machine available for sale in the UK.

The G4X is a mixing pump for renders, plasters and screeds. The design is simple as is operating the plastering pump.

Powered by 415 volt or 230 volt electric power.

The PFT G4X plastering machine is available in several versions to suit individual needs.

PFT G4X Smart, plastering machine is our budget entry level mixing pump. Capable of mixing and spraying up to 35 lts a minute and 50 meters away from the machine. This machine is our most popular choice for UK plasterers.

PFT G4X Standard plastering machine is the original plaster and render pump and is capable of pumping up to 80 lts a minute for screeding. It has a few upgraded features over the smart including the higher output capability and a rubber mixing zone to prevent caking up of the area and make cleaning easier.

PFT G4X switchable  230/415 volt is based on the g4x standard with a built in frequency converter. The G4x switchable  can be powered directly from mains electric 240 volt & 415 volt.

PFT G4XL  The G4xl is primarily a screed pump. The 7.5 kw motor is capable of pumping screeds over 65 meters away and over 80 liters a minute.



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