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Pneumatic precision drill with parallel-hydraulic folding frame for large performance.

The PP1601F is offered with HD-II sowing unit as well as with the SX high speed sowing unit which allows the precise seed application at a working speed of up to 18km/h.

The micro-granule applicator, micro-drill, is available as an option.

For the application of fertiliser, the PP1601F can be combined with the Kubota front hopper, which is fitted with the ELDOS metering device and the appropriate distribution head for row fertilizing.

The combination with a front hopper ensures even weight distribution across the machine arrangement giving the tractor maximum balance and at the same time giving the driver an unrestricted view over the entre machine set-up. The PP1601F is fully ISOBUS compatible and ready for GEOCONTROL and GEOSEED.

The Advantages:

  • Best manoeuvrability and unrestricted overview
  • Utmost precision
  • Versability in adjustment to seed type and soil conditions
  • ISOBUS intelligence
  • In combination with front hopper